Tips for Android App Development Success - Effective Tips & Guide


Android applications are the trend in power and have been adopted by the leading brands. They aren’t just your smartphones, they’re now in your living room, in your car, and on your wrist as well. There are over one million applications on Google Play and thousands are there in row to get live. Numerous android app development company are now focusing on its advantages and selling the best of their products.  


Understanding the Android Market  

Currently Android has a bigger market share than iOS! Having 3.04 million applications available in the Google Play Store and the number always increasing upwards. Since its commercial release in 2008, android is quite a reliable operating system. However, the huge user base, regular hardware changes, and rapid growth in the developer’s community have always kept the android developers right on their toes to constantly look for ways for innovating their products time and again. Still, confused on which tips to follow for your android app development? We got you covered! Here are a few tips to consider for a smooth development experience  


Tips for Affective Android Application Development  

Most android app developers provide the right tips for developing an android-applications. Here are a few tips to checkout-  


  • Choosing the app name  

Developers mostly neglect the importance of choosing an application’s name till the very last. Though it must be considered to be something to have thought up over the development period. This should be proven fatal to the application’s identity among the users. Thus, it is best to decide the name well in advance, we need to research the relevance and impact and most importantly reserve it for avoiding and duplication.  


  • Understand about Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality  

Being the latest technologies in power, mastering these will be helping one to stay ahead of the league. After launching the Google Duplex and ARCore, a wide variety of users are looking forward to harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality as well. To stay relevant, it’s high time that you’re investing time in learning them.  


  • Flutter  

Flutter is a cross-platform SDK that can be used for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web as well. Flutter is not just any other platform, it's written in Dart programming language. Dart is an AOT compiled, client-optimized programming language brought in use for developing applications for IoT devices.  


  • Know the Platform  

Knowing the platform, it’s where you will be spending a considerable amount of time in the coming months of application development. Know about the platform as much you can and understand how it deals with the issues like memory management, component lifecycle, concurrency, etc.  


  • Consider about Architecture  

Long hours of coding and huge developer efforts and a lot more! Proper code updates are highly imperative. Though it’s a hefty task altogether to maintain a test, thus, carefully decide and adopt a sorted architecture. Focus more on an MVP and Redux can help you through architectural management.  


  • Test the Hardware  

 Most android app developers prefer developing and testing on high-end devices for making sure that they’re developing a stable and high-performing application. Though, the hardware diversity is to be managed well carefully. It becomes imperative that the new technology is tested on a low-end device alongside, ensuring wide operability of various devices as who knows what sort of screen size or resolution comes next!  


Wrapping Up  

Android applications are adopted by the masses and thus, is the right option to get your app business started! Get all set and find the right app development companies for your business!  

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